Using your card and how yo check onevanilla card balance?

  1. Log on to
  2. Enter your 16-digit card number, Expiration of gift card and CVV (3-digit at the back of your card).
  3. Click SignIn to Check the balance of your Onevanilla gift card and manage your account.
  4. Log on to to buy vanilla visa and vanilla master gift cards online with exciting offers. egift cards are delivered withing minutes. Also, its available in all nearby convenience stores like, Walmart, Target, BestBuy, CVS, Walgreens, etc.
  5. If you lost your gift card , you can replace your onevanilla gift card by simply calling +1 (877) 770-6408. You will get delivery within 7-10 business days.

Use your onevanilla balance for smartphone and mail order

Onevanilla gift card is an anonymous card. You can check the balance and mange your account online. Its accepted by hundreds of merchants. You may use your card to make purchases over the phone or through mail order. Popular at locations in the USA And district of Columbia everywhere debit credit card or visa debit cards are regularly used.

Using onevanilla check balance In-Store

  1. Provide your gift card to the cashier when creating a purchase, make certain to recognise your balance before you save.
  2. Finalize your purchase as a signature transaction by deciding on credit score and signing the receipt. You can visit your on-line account to track your transactions.
  3. You may finalize your buy as a debit transaction by way of choosing debit and coming into your pin. Sign in on your account to get extra approximately setting or clearing your pin.

Onevanilla balance check Online

  1. A few outlets use zip codes as a checkout security function. Assigning a zip code on your vanilla gift card is easy. Log in for your account and choose control card. The "assign zip code" web page lets in you to check in your zip code for the primary time or replace an existing zip code.
  2. At checkout, without a doubt input your card statistics inside the charge approach fields. Your private statistics isn't always associated with your vanilla gift card. Your non-public facts is not related to your vanilla gift card, so use your mailing cope with while purchasing online to ensure you could be contacted via the service provider if a problem arises.
  3. You can use your vanilla gift card at online merchants based within the US and District of Columbia where Visa debit playing cards, Debit MasterCard or discover cards are time-honored, as applicable.
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